About Reports

Reports are a numerical representation of your business performance. They show how much you invoice clients, how much your Suppliers invoice you, and how your people spend time on Jobs or Internal Overheads.

You can track and compare all of the above with your client’s approved quotations- either per Job or per Client. You control both clients and their Jobs as well as Operational costs.

Teamogy provides 4 key reports: Business, Operation, P&L and VAT. 

Business Report Shows results of individual overheads of the Jobs and Client. Actual values (billing, costs, and time) are compared to the approved client quotation. Problematic areas of Jobs, such as under-invoicing, higher costs, or more hours worked are highlighted in red and immediately attract attention. The report contains all Jobs and Client overheads. One line represents a single Job or Client overhead.
Operation Report Shows the company’s Operating costs sorted by individual Internal Overheads. It compares the estimated value of individual Overheads with the real cost. In addition, it displays the time spent information on internal projects.
P&L Report It consists of individual financial documents (Sales and Purchase invoices including internal documents), which are assigned to the relevant Job, Client Overhead, or Internal Overhead. This report shows the company’s actual profit.
VAT Report Shows the VAT values from Sales and Purchase invoices and provides useful information about the amount of the VAT obligation (deduction) for each month.

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