About Opportunities

Opportunities are used to manage business cases and are used mainly by sellers. This functionality offers the possibility of registering, leading and closing business opportunities in the company.

Business opportunities in Teamogy can be linked to various documents. In practice, this means that once a salesperson completes a meeting, Teamogy creates a meeting report that is simply linked to the opportunity. All relevant documents are thus available directly from the Opportunity.

You can also create tasks from each occasion and divide them among the responsible people. This way you can comfortably coordinate all the work leading to winning the Opportunity.

Each Opportunity includes important data:

Field Description
Subject the name of the Opportunity
Opportunity value the estimated financial value of the Opportunity
Expected closing date an estimate of when the Opportunity will be closed
Next step date you can define the next step, its description and when it should be completed
Job an Opportunity can be paired to a Job, Internal or Client overhead
Owner the person who is responsible for the opportunity

There are two views of Opportunities in the system – Opportunity statuses and Opportunity list.

View Description
Opportunity statuses (Kanban) display opportunities visually by their status. In this view, you can easily move each Opportunitiy by drag & drop from one status to another
Opportunity list provides a view of all opportunities. A very simple view in which you can filter and sort Opportunities

Opportunity statuses are defined as Potential, Qualification, Presentation, Proposal and Negotiation. These statuses can be easily changed.

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