Assignment of one payment to multiple financial documents

In some cases, we come across the need to assign one transaction to multiple financial documents.

Open the transaction, select the first document and edit the amount (1) you want to assign to this financial document.

Edit of bank transaction

As the full amount of the transaction is not yet allocated to the financial documents, another transaction line (1) is automatically created which can be allocated to the next financial document (2 – plus button on the new line).

New row is created in bank transaction

This way you can credit one bank transaction to any number of financial documents.

The following cases are most often dealt with in this way:

1) Splitting one payment into several invoices (the client has paid several invoices in one payment or we have paid several invoices to the supplier in one payment)

2) Exchange rate differences – if an exchange rate difference arises when an invoice is paid in a foreign currency

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