Monthly Operating Costs Planning

Internal Overheads provide an overview of the company’s Operating Costs. A large part of the Operating Costs come regularly every month, so it is good to plan the expenses this way. This gives you an overview of your monthly budget and how it is spent at any time.

1. Create a new Sales Quotation (Here is the guide on how to create a new Sales Quotation).

2. Prepare twelve rows in the table (Depends on the number of months – one row represents one month).

Cost/1Monthly cost for Rent or something else.
Markup/1Same value with a minus, if part of your cost is not invoiced to a third party.

3. Save the Quotation. 

4. Inside the Overheads, you can now see quoted amounts of operational costs in every month.

5. Perfect! Monthly operating costs has been planned.

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