About HR documents

The HR documents section offers you a perfect view of all of the HR documents that have been created and stored in Teamogy. You can use filters to quickly find a specific HR document.

The System allows you to create various types of HR documents.

You can create your own HR document or use predefined templates that will save you time. You can easily format the text as you have done previously in common tools like MS Word or Google Docs. You can also add a signature to the HR document – check the manual here for more information.

Do not forget to fill in all mandatory fields like Subject, Date, etc. For more effective categorization and orderliness of your documents, use the Category field. To better search among a large number of documents, use Tags.

Here is a list of HR documents that you can create:

Document type Description
HR document

a basic type of customizable document useful for creating /inputting many different types of HR documents

Employment contract

an agreement with a new employee that states the implied and explicit terms and conditions

Employment termination

a document confirming the termination of employment with the company

Freelance contract a document sent to a freelancer that explains the working terms
Freelance termination a document confirming the termination of a freelancer
Agreement to complete a job a special employment contract with legal requirements
Copyright license agreement a contract related to copyrighted materials in which the owner allows another subject to use their copyrighted materials
Nondisclosure agreement a document about legal framework used to protect sensitive and confidential company’s information 
Employee equipment agreement an contract contract between the employer and employee that allows the employee to use the employer’s facilities and equipment

Note: All of the above HR document types are set by default. It is very easy to add new types of HR documents with custom content or customize the current ones (e.g., adding a predefined table, paragraphs, or any other custom content).

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