Create A Task By Quick Button

We would like to offer you the fastest way how to use the Teamogy. Quick Button is one of this features.

Check the GIF below to get you know, how to create a Task by Quick Button.


Complete All Details. Mandatory Details are red underlined (can be different by company’s settings).

Start date the date when the work on the Task can be started. You can specify the date and also the exact time.
End date the date when work is to be finished, it is a deadline. You can specify the date and also the exact time.
Owner the person who decided to create the Task.
Assignee the person who works on the Task and is responsible for its delivery.
Participant the person who co-works with the Assignee on the Task.
Reporter the person who should be notified about Task changes, status, and updates (e.g. Traffic Manager, Creative Director,…). * Reporter is switched off in default.
Author the person who creates the Task.
Job the task that is assigned to the Job/Client overhead/Internal overhead.
Allocation the number of hours that are allocated for the Task.
Correction the correction to the original allocation. You can add additional hours or decrease the number of hours needed for the Task. * Correction is switched off in default.
Recorded the number of hours/time records already reported to the Task.
Over how many hours over the allocation (+Correction) we have already used.

1. Then SAVE the Task.

Perfect! New Task has been created.

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