Bank statements – how it works in Teamogy

Teamogy allows you to import bank statements and then further process these statements, i.e. assign individual bank transactions to the relevant documents.

Bank statement import

You can import statements in supported formats into Teamogy. Statements can be imported on a daily, weekly, etc basis. The imported statement will show all transactions performed, including their description and counterparty.

Bank Statement with detailed transactions
Assigning individual transactions to financial documents

In the overview of all bank transactions you can clearly see which transactions have been automatically paired to financial documents and which transactions need to be manually paired to invoices, internal documents or card transactions.

This gives you a great overview of which documents are (not) paid. In addition, you can be sure that for every EUR you spend or earn there is a corresponding financial document in Teamogy – whether it is an invoice or an internal document (bank charges, exchange differences, etc.).

Detail view of bank transactions

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