Manual assignment of bank transactions to financial document

Transactions can be assigned to the following financial documents:

  1. Sales invoices – Sales invoice, sales prepayment invoice and sales correction invoice
  2. Purchase invoice – Purchase invoice, purchase prepayment invoice and purchase correction invoice
  3. Internal documents – internal billings and internal costs
  4. Card transactions

To assign a transaction to a document, just open the transaction row and search for the document. Documents can be filtered by type (1), remittance (2) or company (3), or you can search by reference number, invoice number, etc. (4). By default, the selection shows those invoices that are not fully paid by the assigned transactions.

Bank transaction assignment to a financial document
Select the financial document to which you want to assign the transaction. This is what a transaction assigned to a financial document looks like:
Bank transaction is assigned to a selected financial document.
Each bank transaction that is assigned to a document is visible on that document in the Payment Details section (1). You can see all transactions assigned to this document (2) and how much their total value is of the total value of the document (3). The evaluation of remmitances (4) shows the actual payment status of the document.
Bank transaction assigned on a financial document

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