About Frequent Bad Habits

Almost every company has some bad habits and agencies are no exception. We tried to describe some of them and at the same time to show them on graphic reports where they can be easily detected.

Jobs Are Not Closed Correctly

Jobs Are Not Closed Correctly The job is the basis of all operations at the agency - it includes an approved quotation for the client, purchase orders placed to suppliers and tasks for the internal team. All financial documents are related to the job - it contains the...

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Not All Operating Costs Are Entered

Not All Operating Costs Are Entered Every agency needs to manage not only jobs but also operating costs. It is a great advantage to have everything in one system and have actual agency results immediately available. Often, the agency’s owners and management will learn...

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Too Many Hours Is Spent

Too Many Hours Is Spent People’s time is a key asset of any agency, and therefore, needs to be handled with great caution. Many agencies often find themselves trapped in excessive client care. Very often they are key clients in terms of gross margin, so we feel that...

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