valueadded tax (VAT) is a consumption tax placed on a product or service.

We will set up a default VAT rates for you based on your country. VAT rates will be ready for you at the beginning of using Teamogy. 

We calculate with case you would like to add some other VAT rate. How to do it?

1. In the left navigation menu unroll Configuration.

2. Click on Register.

3. Use breadcrumb Main key.

4. Choose TAX.VAT

5. Now choose any Vat rate and open it.

6. First click on Copy as new record. 

Quick Check: at the end of your web link you should have /new

7. Now edit Registry Record.

For example: Name: 8 %, Subkey: 8P, Agency: Choose your Agency, Mark as a Default if you want, and to value enter the same number as in previous steps.

8. Press SAVE button.

9. Perfect! You added a new VAT rate.

Tips & Tricks 

Check new VAT rate in Purchase or Sales invoice.

Are you sure about everything? If not, do not hesitate contact your intern admin or Teamogy Helpdesk.