Chat sound notification

The sound of chat notification is really useful tool that allerts you to all of your colleagues messages. It is very simple to change the Chat sound notification. There are 3 options of modification. First, you can change the Chat sound notification. There are a lof of sound that you can use, just listen to them all and choose the sound you like! Second, you have option to change the Chat sound volume. Third, you can also turn on or turn of the Chat visual notification.

1. Click on your photo in User area in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Click on User settings.

3. Click on the option Chat sound notification to change the sound of the chat notification.

4. Click on the option Chat sound volume to change the volume of the sound.

5. Click on the option Chat visual notification to turn on/turn off the visual notification of the message.

6. Click on OK button.


7. Perfect! You have changed the Chat sound notification.

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