AI Assistant

We have newly integrated an AI assistant (ChatGPT-4 Turbo) into Teamogy. Every Teamogy user can now use it to make working with documents more comfortable and efficient.

Implementig the new ChatGPT 4.0 Turbo version brings better experience to Teamogy users.

  • Training data until 04/2023, better quality answers.
  • Possibility to insert larger source data (up to 128000 tokens – roughly equivalent to about 300 A4 pages of text).
  • Improved answer loading – stream – user can already start reading the answer even if AI Assistant is still generating.

This feature is available everywhere in the system where a text editor can be used. For example, in documents, tasks, jobs, invoices, etc.

(1) Mark the typed text, (2) press a button with a robot icon and collaborate on the text with the AI.
– (3) The most frequently used instructions are preset in the AI Assistant module. You can also enter your own instructions. In general, the AI understands commands in the user’s language, but sometimes provides better responses to English-language instructions.

– (4) The AI’s response is placed in the right part of the dialog module

– (5) if you are satisfied with it, you have two options – overwriting the originally marked source text, or adding it after the originally marked text.

Comments: Each user is required to agree to read the warning to work with the AI.

Get in Touch

If you have problem or need further assistance, do not hesitate contact Teamogy Support. Use online chat (inside Teamogy or everywhere on in the lower right corner) and you will get prompt reply.