About Jobs

The Job is the central point of the entire system. The Quotation for the client is projected into the Job, Supplier costs are allocated, Client invoices are issued, tasks are assigned, and tracked time are all allocated for the Job. As a result, you have a continuous overview of how the Job is progressing.

Some documents in the Teamogy system (Sales Quotation, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice, Timesheet, Bill Reimbursement) are directly linked with the Job, so inside the job you can compare Quoted Billings, Costs, Work, and Profit Margin to real values.

Teamogy helps you to drive your jobs to profitability.


Get in Touch

If you have problem or need further assistance, do not hesitate contact Teamogy Support. Use online chat (inside Teamogy or everywhere on www.Teamogy.com in the lower right corner) and you will get prompt reply.